HTS Technologies is a global aerospace manufacturing and service company with its facility located in Independence, Missouri. HTS Technologies legacy spans more than 40 years and brings the highest standards of quality and precision to the work they do. The highly experienced engineering team specializing in Internal Elastomeric Swage Tooling and Equipment as well as Industrial Pressroom Solutions. HTS Technologies works with their manufacturing partners to consistently build a solid reputation by offering the highest quality in tooling and equipment by using advanced technology that is tested repeatedly for reliability and endurance. With a determination for satisfied customers throughout the world, HTS Technologies has a continued focus in bringing products to the marketplace that meet or exceed customer expectations and industry standards.

HTS Technologies provides the following products and services:

Manufacture top-quality internal elastomeric swage tooling for the aviation industry. 
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Offering complete pressroom equipment and service through our valued partnerships.  
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Design and develop custom engineered solutions for your products and processes. 
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Quality Controls

We stand behind our products and services, therefore strict quality control is paramount. The following quality controls are built into every facet of our business. 

  • Quality checks are completed at every operation
  • Quality reviews are performed of non-conforming products
  • Quality training is provided to all personnel
  • All testing is completed with controlled testing procedures
  • Corrective actions are completed to prevent further quality issues when identified

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Building strong, time-tested relationships with our customers is very important to us. We do this with a focus on customer service in all areas of our business. Our customer service track-record, quality products and fast turnaround times set us apart from the competition. We are attentive to the needs of our customers through the entire process, no matter if you need help with product information, troubleshooting, consulting, or help placing an order.

Still have questions? Just call (816) 796-1500 and our staff will gladly assist you.